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IT has been several years since we have visited the Bulwer Lytton contest, an event that annually salutes bad writing. The time certainly seems right. It’s the dog days of summer when the only news comes from presidential candidates who spend their days accusing each of other of outrageous lapses in character.

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The fried hard shell was $9.50, a price which seems very reasonable considering the wonderful crab mix inside and that luscious batter. And besides the bargain of the six free crabs, they also gladly gave us a bag to carry back our leftover claws. Those made for a good soup later on at home..

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There’s signs and arrows on the roads. But if you’re riding a bike up a road going maybe 10 mph uphill, people behind you who are trying to go 30 to 35, not only are they going to honk at you. They’re going to cast insults at you,” says Shepherd.. She also purchased a couple of small dip bowls for around $10 ish. Sure, there was some stuff that was expensive and some stuff that was more than we wanted to pay for that kind of item, but nothing felt like gouging. The only thing I blinked at (and maybe this is the inner West Texas boy in me who grew up surrounded by cotton fields) was the $9 price tag for faux cotton stems which Joanna frequently uses as centerpieces on “Fixer Upper.” For what it’s worth, though, they were among the most purchased items in the store the day we visited.