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but OnePlus 6T is better Latest Popular Upcoming Popular CompareSony Toshiba Acer Dell Lenovo HP Asus Microsoft Apple Samsung Latest Popular Upcoming Popular CompareSamsung Microsoft Apple Micromax Sony LG HTC coque iphone 7 huawei p8 lite 2017 coque africa de marque pas cher Nokia Karbonn In the past couple of years, Honor has been repeatedly trying to take down OnePlus in the premium smartphone segment in India. cover iphone x xs In 2017, it was the Honor 8 Pro, and last year, it was the Honor coque iphone 4 tony parker 10 that stood up to take down the OnePlus 6. Both devices, coque iphone silicone chanel packed in the most powerful SoC from Huawei at customiser sa coque iphone 4 the time but still fell short coque pour huawei p8 lite 2016 pour garcon in terms of performance. cover iphone And coque iphone 5 silicone stitch now its 2019, Honor is back at chasing OnePlus 6T. Only this time, they seemed to have done their homework!The Honor View 20. coque samsung Image: tech2/Omkar PatneThe brand new Honor View 20 which was announced globally on 22 January and has made its way to India on 29 January, is probably the most stylish and thoughtfully designed Honor device, I have seen till date. iphone 11 pro max hoesje Add coque iphone 4 bengous that powerful 7 nm Kirin 980 SoC (that did all the heavy lifting on coque huawei p8 lite 2017 lord of the rings the Huawei Mate 20 Pro), a very capable 48 MP rear camera with the Night Mode from the Mate 20 Pro and I assumed that Honor coque iphone avec de l’eau would finally crack the OnePlus formula. While the View 20 definitely looks a lot more attractive and is a technical marvel in comparison to last year’s OnePlus 6T, it’s the camera that’s kind of a letdown. And when you add it all up, the OnePlus still comes out on top as the reigning champion coque huawei p8 lite 2017 fille rigide liquide of this segment.Honor View 20 Build and Design: 9/10The league of legends coque iphone Honor View 20 looks gorgeous and futuristic coque iphone 4s lampe with that All View (almost bezel less) display at the front, that in screen camera and that shimmering V shaped design at the back.The Honor View 20. iphone 7 8 hoesje Image: tech2/Omkar PatneIt is a finely crafted design with an aluminium frame and chassis sandwiched between two sheets of glass. coque iphone The sheet at the front is flat, but the one at the back has a nice 3D curve, which makes it comfortable to hold. coque iphone iphone 11 pro hoesje The matte finish does, coque iphone saint tropez however, make it slippery and the glass screens do catch smudges but they can be wiped off easily and are not as smudgy as the OnePlus 6T’s Mirror Black coque iphone 5 protection totale finish.The Honor View 20. goed iphone hoesje Image: tech2/Omkar PatneOut of the five colours it coque iphone 6 ours polaire was launched in globally, we were lucky enough to get our hands on the Midnight Black model which is the most exciting finish of the lot. coque iphone From afar it looks like a regular, black finish, but under bright lights, or when held at a slight angle, this phone will grab anyone’s attention.The Honor View 20. Image: tech2/Omkar PatneWhile all five phones feature the Aurora Nanotexture finish, the crazy product designers at Honor, managed to pull off something really unique with the Midnight Black finish. At an angle, you can see these V shaped lines running from the top end to the bottom end, almost giving one an impression that there’s an AMOLED display (producing these coque iphone 6s bambi animations) hidden under the back panel.The lines have this unique rainbow like colour that will keep changing as you get mesmerised and keep waving the phone pointlessly at yourself. custodia ipod cover It’s quite hypnotic and I have to admit that I have never stared at the back of a smartphone this long and this many times, ever.The Honor View 20. coque samsung Image: tech2/Omkar PatneBuild quality is top notch and I am surprised at how the engineers manage to squeeze in an LED lamp inside the receiver speaker’s razor thin grille that is barely visible, being squeezed between the front glass and the metal frame at the top end. This is the bezel less look of 2019, coque de huawei p8 lite 2017 transparente and I’m pretty sure Huawei will take this design a step further and get rid of that tiny chin at the bottom as well, in future smartphones.Honor View 20 Display: 8.5/10When placed on a table, the Honor View 20 looks like your typical smartphone with rounded corners and straight lines on the front. Hold it in your hand coque iphone 11 spigen and the raise to wake feature lights up that 6.4 inch IPS LCD display and this is when you will notice something different. or maybe nothing at all. Which is a good coque iphone 4s bo3 thing.The Honor View 20. Image: tech2/Omkar PatneI showed the smartphone to a couple of colleagues apple coque iphone 10 at work and some did not even notice the hole punch display until I pointed it out to them. And that’s the really good thing about this display and the design direction. It really does not get in the way of your user experience like a typically elongated notch that runs along the top edge of your display.In my day to day usage, the in screen camera did not interfere when using my regular apps, the camera, or even while streaming YouTube videos (one of the few apps that lets you view video around the in screen camera).Well, technically the hole is an illusion of sorts because the actual cavity only lies in the bottom most layers, which is the light guide plate.A setup showcasing the Full View 2.0 display at briefing. Image: tech2/Kshitij PujariAs coque iphone homer simpson 5c for the layers that lie above actual camera, they are simply transparent but have a 5 axis coque iphone fabrication française dispersion ring (shown in the photo above) around the transparent area of each layer to ensure that the light from the rest of the display, does not interfere or reach the transparent barrel created to deliver light to the camera sensor..